YWIT is global supplier for Graphene. We are a company driven by innovation. We are always having dreams about and find a solution for future demand.

We are first a leading global provider of specialty chemical solutions. Our competitive strength is organic synthesis to formulate unique solution of Graphene compounds for different application. We started with a business of health care professional while today, we will leverage our chemical supply to various kinds of industries. Our product offerings attempt in a broad variety of industry sectors and provide a game-changing solution. Whether used within the automotive and communications industry, or in countless other applications, their quality and character help to optimize the performance and value of everything they are incorporated into. This is what makes YWIT unique. Our team of experts is dedicated to make a positive difference in all the lives that we touch.

Our vision and mission
We want to build on our leading position as a Graphene solutions provider and become one of the world's most respected Graphene companies. We thrive and succeed based on leading etch research and development, customer satisfaction and best-in class technical support. We are committed to innovation and will adapt to meet the needs of our customers.