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what we do

Single or Few layer Graphene via proprietary method

‧ Continuous Production
‧ Environmental Friendly
‧ High Quality Graphene

Graphene for Conductive Seed Layer Process

Metallization are important processes for 3D IC chip packaging and printed circuit board (PCB) fabrication

Graphene for Heat Sink

YWIT conduct research on graphene, graphite, nano carbon tube application.

About Us

We are first a leading global provider of specialty chemical solutions. Our competitive strength is organic synthesis to formulate unique solution of Graphene compounds for different application.
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Ying Wa Innotech Ltd.

Room 1101, One Midtown
11 Hoi Shing Road, Tsuen Wan
Hong KongTel.: +852-2543 2233
Fax: +852-2543 1883
email: info@yingwa.com


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